See in-progress art work. If you are interested in any of our work or would like to commission a project in flat art or sculpture, please give us a call or email us.


Most commissions are priced in the range of $2 - $3 per square inch . Basic backgrounds will be on the lower end of the price spectrum and natural or more complex backgrounds will range higher. Commissions can take months to complete depending on our backlog, not only of commissions but alos of our Taxidermy work and our Student load.


None of the paintings here are client commissions. They are all personal work and have therefore taken a  backseat over the last 6 years as we have grown our business.  We are now to a point that we can take some time to relax a little and to further explore our passion for you will begin to see these paintings in their completed state soon. We not only do wildlife in portrait style but also with landscape backgrounds. We do pets and we also do some abstract. We can even do people...a family member or another important person in your life. Most of our paintings are in Oil, but we occasionally employ acrylic and watercolor. Most of the paintings I sold in the 90s were watercolor and Miss Valerie tends to spend a lot of time with that medium. 


Work in progress includes a series of acrylic and oil portrait style paintings of some of the biggest Boone & Crockett Whitetails on record. 


  The Hole-in-the-Horn Buck


                                                       Stalking (Oil Abstract)


Some of my favorite Abstracts done by Miss Valerie. The top is my absolute is interpretive abstract and you do not have to look hard to see the Mahi. This is not fish was killed in the making of this painting :). This is a heavy texture technique employed with oils and she nailed it.

Oil on canvas.


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