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Shipment from Africa to the US Port at Atlanta is coordinated through your outfitter or hunting operation. They will do the prep, package and shipment of the skins and horns from Africa to the US.


Responsibility for actual clearance at the US port is facilitated by a broker (we recommend Coppersmith) and the USDA approved tannery/taxidermist. Our tannery is Seminole Fur Dressing in Phenix City Alabama and they are a USDA approved facility to recieve your trophies.

Once the shipment has been cleared by the broker it will continue shipment to the tannery. Once it has arrived, the tannery will contact us and we will make arrangements to pick up horns and skulls while hides and capes are being process. Once the hides and capes are tanned we will pick up from the tannery and begin taxidermy work per our schedule.


When you have booked your trip you must decide whether you want your skins tanned in Africa or the US. We have no control over tanning methods used in Africa and have had mixed results. We recommend shipping back to the US for tanning. 

You should then contact Ken at Expressions of Wildlife Taxidermy as soon as possible so that he can discuss the process with you again and provide you with a Quote on taxidermy services. We can also provide you with pre-filled tags from both Coppersmith and the Tannery if you wish. 

You will then need to contact the Broker directly. Ken can provide you with the copy of the Power of Attorney that will be required for the Broker to clear your shipment and he will help you in any way possible. He can help facilitate communication with the Broker, but you will deal directly with the Broker at that point.  If you choose to use Coppersmith, our POC is  Tammy Lewis. Please contact her  before you depart the US  ( 404-366-1650 or . I would recommend establishing contact as soon as possible to avoid any last minute surprises.



You will then need to provide your outfitter or hunting operation with the following information for shipment of your animal skins and horns back to the US.



Shipment should be directed through Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta Georgia.


The following information must be on each shipping label:


Ship to:

(Hunters name, address and phone number) Expressions of Wildlife Taxidermy

c/o Quality Fur Dressing LLC

1012 Rayford Road

Spring, Texas 77386


On arrival notify :


Coppersmith Inc

114 South Field Parkway Suite 130

Forest Park Georgia 30297

Attn: Tammy Lewis (404-366-1650)


Upon the shipments arrival, Coppersmith will invoice all customs and USDA  inspection fees and any additional freight charges directly to the hunter prior to the shipment being forwarded to Quality Fur Dressing.

Coppersmiths  charges a flat fee for Customs, USDA and USFW but this ensures your shipment gets cleared and sent on its way to the tannery. It is a complex process and they do it every day. It is the same fee for 1 animal or 10 animals. If you had any CITES animals, ie, Lion, Leopard, Zebra there would be an additional $93 charge. Kudu are not listed on CITES so  that’s good. The good news is there are no other USDA, Customs or USFW charges. 


Shipping costs by Coppersmith to the USDA approved tannery is additional but with small shipments should be minimal. Large shipments could be as much as $200-$300.  All Coppersmith fees are billed directly to you after the shipment is cleared.  .   


Next –


Once the shipment has been cleared by Coppersmith it will be forwarded to QUALITY FUR DRESSING. 


Upon receipt, Quality Fur Dressing will notify Expressions of Wildlife Taxidermy that shipment has arrived and being processed. Arrangements will be made for pickup orr shipment of skulls/horns while skins are being processed. 


At this time your 50% deposit on your mount(s) is due. Deposits cover tannery and all other associated fees, forms and materials and ensures the client has a vested interest in the final product.  Any additional handling of USDA restricted products by Seminole Fur Dressing such as boiling of swine or monkey skulls, crate disposal or repacking are covered in your Taxidermy fees. We also incur a financial obligation to the Tannery/USDA approved facility at the time we pick up the skull/horns.


Upon completion of tanning, Expressions of Wildlife Taxidermy will receive the tanned skins and taxidermy work will begin per our schedule.


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