NOTE: BOBCATS...Please refer to respective State Regulation governing predator seasons.
If you harvest a Bobcat  (or Otter) in Alabama and intend on bringing into Florida for Taxidermy services:
All bobcat and otter, regardless of method of harvest, are required to be tagged by a representative of the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division within 14 days. This is quick and easy. You can contact the Warden or offices in the county where you harvest OR walk-in basis to the District 5 office in Spanish Fort.

NOTE: FOX...Trapping or shooting foxes in Florida is prohibited, but foxes may be chased with dogs year round.  Foxes or untanned fox pelts may not be possessed, except by permit from FWC.  A permit is not required to have a road-killed fox mounted by a taxidermist.

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