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Expressions of Wildlife Taxidermy

2023-2024 Season

Update: Yes...we are currently accepting work. This is subject to change periodically as we attempt to keep our backlog and freezer space manageable. Current shortages and delays in the supply chain and significantly increased material costs have forced us to reevaluate how we are doing business and how we can best serve the needs of our clients. We appreciate everyone patience and support.

Deer - $800 Standard Poses    

Additional charges for pedestal mounts (wall ped or full ped) and for any non standard forms.

Custom Poses - Add 50%

Florida Deer require confirmation number

Out of State deer and all cervids (antlered/deer family...includes Mule Deer, Caribou, Elk, Moose, Blacktail, Axis, Fallow, etc)  must be skinned off of the skull with horn plate cut/capped.

Horn plate and cape must be cleaned of excess meat and fat. The cape does not have to be scraped.


Other Gameheads- Quote.  

Large Lifersize- Quote.  

Ducks/Pheasants/Grouse, etc - $425 

Turkeys- $1100-$1200 


Standard Poses

Bobcat - $1100 plus sales tax (Alabama cats must have CITES)

Coyote - $1100 plus sales tax

Custom Poses

Add 50%

Deer Euros or Antler Mounts- No accepting

Gators- Quota

Restorations and Repairs-Not accepting

Snakes- Not accepting

Novelties -Flat/soft tanning, gun racks, etc...Not accepting

Turn around time 10-12 months.

Deposit is 50% due at drop off.

No online payment accounts

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